Friday, April 6, 2012

Should Bobby Petrino Be Fired For "Inappropriate Relationship" With 25 Year Old

Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino
Petrino lied to the Arkansas athletic department in his Tuesday press conference about the details of his motorcycle accident last Sunday afternoon. How is athletic director Jeff Long supposed to defend a guy that won't even be straight with him? Only today did Petrino disclose he was riding with a 25 year old athletic department employee that he recently hired to work for the football team. I guess banging the head coach can get you a job at Arkansas. This makes the university look bad.

Petrino and Dorrell. He is twice her age.
Furthermore, Bobby Petrino is supposed to be a role model to his players and the Razorback Nation. What kind of message is he sending by having an affair with a women half his age? Clearly, his relationship with Jessica Dorrell was more than a workplace relationship as Petrino told passerbys at the motorcycle accident not to call 911. He also dropped Dorrell off before seeking medical attention.

Jessica Dorrell, former Arkansas volleyball player and current mistress of Bobby Petrino.
Petrino should be fired. A clause in his contract allows the athletic director to fire the head football coach for conduct that "negatively or adversely affects the repuatation of the university's athletic programs in any way." Gus Malzahn should be the next coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.