Saturday, December 27, 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

New Website On The Way

Dealing with the limitations and formatting on blogger got to me, so now all of my college football facts, stats, and analysis will be located at my own website: BOWLGAMES.INFO.

Here is a recap of how this blog has changed over the years.

I was sitting at work one fall day dreaming about college football. Here is the logo I sketched on a piece of paper for the blog I was about to create: Helmet Stickers.

I needed a better logo than the one I sketched above. I found a set of Big Ten mini helmets and took a picture. A few readers would accuse me of having a Big Ten bias.

I decided to revamp the blog with a new logo, which is the current one. I had clipped one hundred twenty little banners from a college football magazine and pasted them on my wall. What is seen in the picture is just a fraction of the wall collage.