Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toledo Got Screwed

Referees blow calls quite frequently, but usually they officiate well enough to not make bad calls that influence the outcome of a game. Well, last Saturday the refs screwed up BIG TIME and screwed Toledo out of a win that it should have had over Syracuse. The bad call was on an extra point attempt. PAT's are black and white compared to the gray areas on some pass interference and celebration penalties. There is no excuse for blowing this call. The Big East officials from this game should be fired.

See the video below. The extra point attempt by the Orange at 2:07 in the fourth quarter clearly never goes through the uprights. If the refs would have made the correct call, Syracuse would have led 29-27. Toledo would have then won the game 30-29 with the field goal the Rockets kicked on the last play of regulation. Instead, that field goal only tied the game at 30 apiece. The game went to overtime and Toledo lost.

After the game, the Big East admitted it had made the wrong call, but refused to reverse Syracuse's win. Apparently, once a game has been called, its decision cannot be overturned. Hopefully Toledo will not end up in a situation at the end of the season where it is one win short of going to a bowl game or where one nonconference loss affects the program in a conference standing tiebreaker. There needs to be accountability in the Big East's officiating. The blown call was unacceptable. Toledo got screwed.

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