Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urban Meyer Is Back

Last January I put together a short "obituary" for Urban Meyer when he retired from college football to stabilize his health and spend time with his family. For some reason I never posted it. I guess I thought Urban Meyer would be returning to the coaching ranks at some point. Here is what I had written and saved in a Word file last January:

"Urban Meyer’s retirement from college football on January 2, 201 is a loss of one of the best coaches in the game but a good decision for Urban Meyer’s health and family. It became apparent after Meyer’s leave of absence in December 2009 that the stress of being a head coach at a big time program had taken its toll. College football is life, but not worth dying over. Meyer won two national championships in his six seasons, compiling a 65-15 record in Gainesville. The Pontiff was 36-13 in SEC games. Meyer was 5-1 in bowl games at Florida and 7-1 in bowl games throughout his 10 seasons as a head coach. The numbers say it all: great college football coach. Urban Meyer will remain involved in college football by working as an analyst at ESPN."

It is ludicrous that Urban Meyer blamed his departure on health and family, when he will once again be a head coach. He will be stressed out and spending long hours away from his family trying to bring back one of college football's premier programs. There is as much pressure to win in Columbus as there was in Gainesville. If Meyer's health really went into decline at Florida, it will surely do so again with Ohio State. Either he was lying to the Gators fanbase or he has a deathwish. Did Meyer leave Florida because he saw the program was headed for a downswing? Did Meyer return to college football because the Buckeyes are bound to rise back to the top? Did he lie about health and family to prevent his coaching record to be blemished with subpar seasons at Florida?

I think Ohio State will rebuild under Urban Meyer and contend for the Big Ten Championship again in a couple years. He may be a good coach, but his resignation from Florida smelled of bullshit. If things do go sour at Ohio State, will he duck and run again under the disguise of personal issues? I question his integrity and loyalty.

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