Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 Schedules

Here are some interesting observations about schedules in the 2012 season:

  • 22 teams have ONLY FBS opponents on their schedules
    • No SEC or ACC schools are among the twenty-two teams to play this type of schedule
    • Five are from Conference USA
    • Four are from the Big Ten
  • 97 teams have ONE game against an FCS opponents on their schedules
  • 4 teams have TWO games against FCS opponents on their schedules
    • Florida State
    • Cincinnati
    • Pittsburgh
    • Texas A&M
  • 1 team plays TWO FCS opponents and TWO Division 2 opponents
    • UT-San Antonio, which was rushed up to the FBS level to save the WAC
  • 3 teams play a 13-game regular season
    • New Mexico
    • UNLV
    • South Alabama
  • The NCAA allows teams that play Hawaii on the road to play a 13-game schedule if they chose. The extra game helps generate revenue for the school to offset the expensive travel costs of flying a team to Hawaii. Hawaii is also allowed to play a 13-game schedule every year if it chooses. Hawaii will only play 12 games in 2012.
  • Only one win over a FCS program counts towards bowl eligibility. Beating two FCS programs in a season gives a FBS school no advantage in getting to bowl eligibility. In fact in might make bowl eligibility tougher since they can only lose to 5 FBS teams, opposed to 6 FBS teams if they had played one or no FCS cupcakes.

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