Thursday, October 21, 2010

Undefeated Teams

The Broncos will very likely be undefeated due to a weak schedule.
1. Oklahoma 6-0
2. Oregon 6-0
3. Boise State 6-0
4. Auburn 7-0
5. TCU 7-0
6. LSU 7-0
7. Michigan State 7-0
9. Utah 6-0
11. Missouri 6-0
14. Oklahoma State 6-0

The way the schedules work out, it is possible for up to six teams to go undefeated through the regular season and conference championships. LSU and Auburn square off this weekend. Oklahoma plays at Missouri this weekend as well. Right there are two cherry poppers.

Oregon has tough games left at USC and at home against Arizona, but could easily run the table having already beaten Stanford. Nobody has been able to play close with the Ducks. Utah will face a tough three week stretch at Air Force, then at home against TCU, and then at Notre Dame. The Utes could easily enter the loss column. TCU should easily go 12-0 if it can just defeat Utah. Boise State almost certainly will be undefeated, but the Broncos will continue to fall in the BCS standings as their strength of schedule hurts them. If Michigan State can handle Iowa and Penn State on the road, it should go 12-0. Oklahoma has looked shaky at times and has barely beaten mediocre teams. The Sooners have four difficult road games ahead, including a season finale at Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State has been good so far, but will play five of the best teams on its schedule during its last six games. Missouri has three ranked opponents still to play. LSU and Auburn both still have to face Alabama after they play one another. The winner of the SEC West will be an automatic for the SEC title, even if it has one loss from Western Division play.

I am no expert, but if I had to guess, Boise State, TCU, Oregon, and Michigan State are the most likely to finish the season unscathed, with likeliness in that order. A team could make it out of the Big 12 or SEC without a loss, but given the balance and anyone-can-beat-anyone nature [for at least the majority of the teams] in those conferences, I would not think so at this point. We'll see how it all plays out starting with this upcoming Saturday.

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