Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winless Teams

Currently there are six teams that have yet to get a win:

Akron 0-5 (5 game streak)
Eastern Michigan 0-5 (17 game streak)
Florida International 0-4 (6 game streak)
New Mexico 0-5 (6 game streak)
New Mexico State 0-4 (11 game streak)
Western Kentucky 0-4 (24 game streak)

Big Red, Western Kentucky's popular mascot

The good news is that on Saturday New Mexico plays at New Mexico State and Western Kentucky plays at Florida International. We know at least two of the six winless teams will finally get a hash in the win column, no matter how sloppy these two pillow fights are.

Also worth mentioning is San Jose State lost to FCS UC-Davis last Saturday day, 14-13. During the 2010 season, seven FCS schools have gotten wins over FBS schools. The dividing line between a good FCS program and a struggling FBS program has blurred over the years. I expect to see more and more of these cross-subdivision upsets every year.

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