Monday, November 22, 2010

Bowling By Conference

After twelve weeks of football:
-64 teams are eligible to play in bowls
-36 teams are ineligible to play in bowls
-20 teams are on the bubble

Bowl tie-ins by conference:
ACC: 8 (9 eligible)
Big East: 6 (5 eligible)
Big Ten: 8 (8 eligible)
Big 12: 8 (8 eligible)
C-USA: 6 (6 eligible)
MAC: 3 (5 eligible)
MWC: 5 (5 eligible)
Pac-10: 6 (3 eligible)
SEC: 9 (8 eligible)
Sun Belt: 2 (0 eligible)
WAC: 4 (4 eligible)
Navy: Poinsettia Bowl (eligible)
Army: At-large (eligible)
Notre Dame: At-large (eligible)

See how everything pans out here.

Notre Dame has gotten its act together the past two weeks with wins over Utah and Arm y to become bowl eligible. After reviewing fine print, I’ve seen that Notre Dame can only go to the Champs Sports Bowl if they are 7-5, which means they will have to beat USC next week. If they finish 6-6, they will go to wherever there is an at-large spot available. The Pac-10 may end up with four teams if California can put away Washington next weekend. The nine-game round robin schedule in the Pac-10 definitely hurts the conference’s ability to get its teams into bowl games. Six of the eight Big East teams and four of the nine Sun Belt teams still have two games left to play. Both conferences should fill their tie-ins after two more weeks of play. The Big Ten, Mountain West, and Atlantic Coast Conferences do not have any teams left on the bubble. Who is bowl-eligible and who is not bowl-eligible has been thoroughly decided in those conferences.

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