Monday, November 15, 2010

Down The Stretch

After eleven weeks of football:
-54 teams are eligible to play in bowls
-27 teams are ineligible to play in bowls
-39 teams are on the bubble

Bowl tie-ins by conference:
ACC: 8 (6 eligible)
Big East: 6 (3 eligible)
Big Ten: 8 (7 eligible)
Big 12: 8 (7 eligible)
C-USA: 6 (5 eligible)
MAC: 3 (5 eligible)
MWC: 5 (4 eligible)
Pac-10: 6 (3 eligible)
SEC: 9 (8 eligible)
Sun Belt: 2 (0 eligible)
WAC: 4 (4 eligible)
Navy: Poinsettia Bowl (eligible)
Army: At-large (eligible)

See how everything stacks up here.

With Army’s win over Kent State, they have secured they’re sixth win and will go bowling for the first time in fourteen seasons. The Pac-10 doesn’t have much going for it outside of Oregon, Stanford, and Arizona. California may snag a bowl slot if it can win one of its last two games, and UCLA can potentially creep in there by winning two of its last three games. Don’t expect to see any more than five Pac-10 teams though. There will be plenty of at-large selections for MAC and Sun Belt teams that make it to .500. Most Big East and Sun Belt teams still have three games left to play. Those conferences should meet their quotas. If Notre Dame can pull out a win against either Army or USC, the Irish will take the Big East’s spot in the Champs Sports Bowl.

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