Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Crunch Time

There are four weeks left in the college football regular season. Every game counts for teams trying to get to six wins (or in some cases seven) so that they can land a spot in a bowl game. A bowl game not only means a program can play in another game, but it gives a school exposure on national television and extra practice time for the team, which is beneficial for developing the team for next season.

After ten weeks of football:
-47 teams are eligible to play in bowls
-22 teams are ineligible to play in bowls
-51 teams are on the bubble

Bowl tie-ins by conference:
ACC: 8 (6 eligible)
Big East: 6 (0 eligible)
Big Ten: 8 (7 eligible)
Big 12: 8 (7 eligible)
C-USA: 6 (4 eligible)
MAC: 3 (4 eligible)
MWC: 5 (4 eligible)
Pac-10: 6 (3 eligible)
SEC: 9 (7 eligible)
Sun Belt: 2 (0 eligible)
WAC: 4 (4 eligible)
Navy: Poinsettia Bowl (eligible)
Army: At-large (not eligible)

Wyoming and Central Michigan won bowl games last season, but both are already ineligible to go to a bowl this season. Bowling Green and Minnesota also played in bowl games last postseason, but both schools have racked up too many losses to participate in the 2010-2011 postseason.

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